Monday, November 23, 2009

Jaycee Update

I went for my 34 week checkup today, everything checked out well... My blood pressure was good, weight gain good, Jaycee's heart rate good! Only 6 weeks until my due date and I am so anxious to meet her. Daniel and Micah were both early and it is hard not to expect her to make an early arrival too. Time will tell! We have one more 2 week check up and then we will start going weekly! This pregnancy has flown!!!

Meanwhile, her nursery is ready and waiting on her, the clothes are all washed and put away, and her car seat is waiting in her room to be installed in the van. After we get back from our Thanksgiving visit to see Jason's parents we will begin making final preparations just in case she is early too! We still need to pack bags, install car seat, and set up the playpen in our room...a pretty short to do list!

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  1. Cute blog!! I'd like to add it too my list of favorite blogs on my blog if you don't mind. :) Such an exciting time on getting ready for Jaycee. Can't wait to meet her too. Her and Allie will be great friends and close cousins!!
    Love, Angie