Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wii Want you to Celebrate with Us

Daniel loves our Nintendo Wii! When we began planning his party, I suggested the Wii being the theme. Once I told Daniel a few of the ideas I had come up with as well as a few I found online, he was SOLD! I began designing the invitations and decorations immediately!

We started with designing the invitation. Daniel created the Mii's with an online Mii creator (mom did Mario and Luigi). I wanted the invitation to look like the Mii Plaza where the Mii's mingle.

Daniel dressed up as Luigi for Halloween, so I printed one of his pictures, placed it in a frame and used it on the table as a decoration! I also filled 3 apothecary jars with candy (Gumballs, Skittles, and Laffy Taffy...These were definitely a hit with 13 3rd graders)

The Goody Bags were pretty cute. I came across some Wii Remote Candy Dispensers at Walgreens. I put a little blue shredded paper in the bottom of a clear bag, put in the Wii Remote, added a few extra pieces of candy, and tied on the tag that featured the same Mario and Luigi from the invitation.

Now to my FAVORITE thing about planning his party...the cake....

I was so proud of how well my Mario cake turned out. I had never used fondant icing before, but this was the end result and Daniel was so excited when he saw it. The fondant helped it look very "Mario-ish". The little yellow ? box was a download I found online and was just able to print out and tape together. Several of these were scattered around the tables.

We planned 2 activities for the party. The main one was the Mario Kart Tournament. I started out a little ambitious thinking that we would do a Double Elimination....that didn't completely happen. I drew off a tournament bracket onto poster board and hung it on the wall. Once the children arrived I inserted names and we began playing until we had a winner.

Our Second activity was to Design a Mii. I printed off examples of hair, eyes, mouths, eyebrows, facial shapes, etc and scattered them around the table. I also had some paper and crayons on the tables. The kids drew their Mii and put their name on the back of the paper.
The winners were given a Certificate tied around a Rubix Cube.

At the end of the party Daniel came up to me and said, "Thanks Mom! It was my best birthday party yet!" That is what it is all about...making them feel special and them having the best time of their lives. I love you, Daniel!

A Special thanks to Melissa Lester for ideas I found on her blog... "A Little Loveliness"


  1. This looks like an awesome party! So, so cute! And I'm glad Daniel loved it. =) His thank-you was so nice. Happy Birthday to him!!

  2. Amazing!! Planning birthday parties has been one of my FAVORITE things to do as a mom. Daniel is a blessed boy!

  3. What a great party, Jennifer! You did a wonderful job pulling everything together for a fun, colorful party. I know he loved it. We are planning Christian's 9th birthday celebration for Dec. 3rd, so you will have to take a look at that soon. I agree with Becky; party planning is one of my favorite aspects of motherhood.

  4. Awesome job on the cake! Love the cubes and the photo of your son in costume! I bet everyone had a blast!