Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas from our Hearts to Yours!

Christmas Morning is so much fun! I love to see the sparkle in the kids eyes as the eagerly await their chance to see what Santa has left. When I was little we always had to wait on my dad to sit at the top of the stairs while dad made his coffee, mom made a cup of hot tea, and listen to them ooh and awe over what Santa had brought. Once they had their caffeine, we were able to push and shove as we rushed down the stairs. I always thought that was so mean, but guess what....we do the same thing to our kids.

After the presents are opened the kids play while I fix a big Christmas Breakfast. This year the kids bought me a waffle maker so we enjoyed homemade waffles, country ham, and fruit salad for breakfast. After breakfast we spend the rest of the day playing and watching movies.

We normally eat an early dinner on Christmas Day. We had ham, pototoe casserole, strawberry pretzel salad, green beans, fruit salad, and rolls. I asked the boys if they wanted to eat on normal dishes or the "fancy" dishes. They chose the fancy dishes. So I pulled out my china and crystal...we dined in elegance.

After dinner the kids wanted me to take pictures of their favorite gifts.
Merry Christmas from our Hearts to yours!

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  1. Merry Christmas to the Harts! I realized I never got your Christmas card sent because I never got your new address. Next year maybe I will be on top of things!