Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jaycee's Winter "ONE"derland

I LOVE throwing parties for my children!!!! I begin planning months in advance. With Jaycee's birthday being right after Christmas, I knew that it would be busy, crazy, stressful, and just about any other adjective that you can throw in there. But I was determined that her birthday would not get lost in the holiday season. She deserves her own special day and I believe that we provided that for her. While I know that she will not remember this day, I truly believe that she enjoyed herself and loved the attention that she was given.

Since this was her first birthday, I decided to play on words and the theme for her party became:
Jaycee's Winter "ONE"derland
This is her invitation. I took a picture from each month of her first year and used it to create this invitation. The wording is small, but the poem says:
"In a magical kingdom 'neath a blanket of white,
lives a tiny snow princess, who's full of delight.
Her icicle castle is ready for fun;
for this tiny snow princess is soon turning one.
Hitch a ride on a snowflake and soar through the breeze,
past snowy topped mountains and frost covered trees.
The snowmen will greet you, the event will be grand,
so join us in Jaycee's Winter "One"derland.

I used all silver, white and pink for the decorations....snowflakes, snowmen, and even fake "snow" in a can.

The menu was all WHITE:
White Chicken Chili
Potato Soup
Turkey Pinwheel Rolls
Turkey and Provolone Cheese Sandwiches
White Cheese and Cracker Tray
White Veggies with Ranch Dip
Ruffles and French Onion Dip
And Little Olive Penguins

(I know that they are not white, but they were so very cute)

The dessert table included:
Birthday Cake with a Snow Princess Snow Globe on top
Snowflake and Mitten Sugar Cookies
White Chocolate and Sprinkle covered Marshmallows
Snowflake Suckers (Strawberry and Cinnamon)

I also did a Cocoa Bar complete with White Hot Chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, snowflake sprinkles, candy canes, and mint sticks. It was definitely a big hit!!

I made Jaycee a 2 tier cake covered in Pink Fondant Icing with a Snow globe that I made out of a cupcake on top.

Jaycee had her own Smash Cake that was just a square with a white snowflake on top of it. She didn't get too messy, but seemed to really like the icing!

The birthday girl had a lot of fun opening her presents. I think the practice with Christmas really helped her know what to do, because she was tearing paper off like a pro!

The favor boxes were one of my favorite touches. I made "Build a Snowman" kits. These kits had hats, scarfs, eyes, carrot noses, and stones for mouths. All we need is a good snow and we will see some super cute snowmen around town!

I also had some small cookies and the suckers bagged up with cute little tags (that I created on my computer) for the guests to take home with them.


  1. So cute! I love this party idea. =) I wish I could see all of the pictures - the invites and the penguin are showing up fine, but none of the others are there. Not sure if it's just my computer...I'll check back later though!

  2. Try again. I had problems with them loading. They are showing up on my computer. So maybe I got it fixed.

  3. Yea! It's all even cuter than I had imagined in my head (and in my head, it was already very, very cute!) Kudos!! It was all completely precious. =)

  4. So So cute! I am working on LB's already - she wants a Western party! You did a great job! I am so glad we have kids to have fun!

  5. You outdid yourself. Did you have an extra invite? If so..please send it to me!! I miss you guys so much. Oh, and did you find that poem or write it? That was amazing. Jaycee you have a wonderful mom!!

  6. Wow Jennifer! Fabulous! These pics are amazing! I am so thankful for Jaycee....I know that you have done some really cute and creative things for your boys but she has really allowed you to express your "creative/girly/prissy" side! I LOVE it! Miss you! :)

  7. the "build a snowman kit" is incredible!! that is so creative and cute! adorable party!

  8. What a beautiful take on a fun theme! That cake is really amazing! I love the penguins and the "build a snowman kit favors!