Sunday, May 15, 2011

LEGO LAND Birthday Party

My kids are growing up a lot faster than I want them too...of course parents have been saying that since the beginning of time. Micah turned 7 this past week and we have partied ALL week long. Today, we had his LEGO LAND Birthday party. While mommy is exhausted, I have a very happy little boy sound asleep in his bed...worn out from the sheer excitement of the day!

Last night when I put Micah to bed, all he had seen was his cake. After getting the kids in bed, we transformed the basement into LEGO LAND...when Micah woke up this morning I took him downstairs to see his kingdom for the day. I know I can get a little caught up in the details of the party being perfect, but when I see that precious smile, it makes every moment of my planning worth it. He smiled all day long and I cannot count the number of times he told me "Thank you for an AWESOME birthday party!" As a mom who LOVES planning parties for her kids...I smile at that compliment from the birthday boy...because after all it was his day and if he loved it then it was perfect! So now I share with you Micah's LEGO LAND!

His invitation was double sided and turned out so cute.
I designed it as a part of a party collection with my Heart to Hart Stationary Designs...
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As the guests came down the stairs they were greeted with the words "LEGO LAND" on the wall of the stair well. Once downstairs everything was red, yellow, blue and green...balloons, streamers, Legos, etc. We borrowed these large legos from a friend and Daniel built Micah a throne to sit in while he opened presents. The boys getting involved in the decorations might have been one of my favorite parts about this party. They have been building things all week long! I made the 7 plaque using a Lego base plate and all different lengths of Legos.

The table was set for lunch. I took square yellow plates and made them look like LEGO Minifigure heads. I wrapped the green forks in a blue napkin and secured them with a piece of striped paper and a LEGO tag. The juice boxes were wrapped in a paper too look like LEGO bricks. I took a piece of bubble wrap and spray painted it green to look like a long LEGO plate and it was down the center of each table. On top of this there were several jars filled with LEGOs, wrapped with a piece of paper and a tag. Inside each jar was a stake with a 4" tag on it.

As I mentioned above the boys spent all week building with LEGOs. We displayed their creations throughout the family room. The kids enjoyed looking at them and playing with them.

We had a sperate table set up with 8 bowls of different colored LEGO pieces. They were sorted by color and ran down the center of the table. In the very center was a huge LEGO Minifigure head. The kids were able to create their own car (which became their main party favor at the end of the party) and then we raced them. We took a long white table and put piece of yellow streamer down the middle to resemble a road. We put the legs up on one end so that it would slant like a ramp. Then I made some white and black checkered flags tapped them to the side of the table. As the kids finished their cars they raced them down the table. I had several other activities planned, but it rained and the kids were having so much fun racing and rebuilding their cars that we just forgot those other ideas.

The cake table was filled with lots of yummy treats. We had candy coated pretzels with sprinkles, LEGO Minifigure Head marshmallow pops, homemade LEGO gummies, 3 jars filled with candy (gumballs, sour patch kids, and M&M's) and of course the cake.
Since the kids built and raced Lego cars, I decided on a Lego Race Car Cake. I made a seven out of homemade fondant...and made it to look like a road. The Race Cars are made out of fondant also. They were a little tricky, but they turned out pretty cute. I made a pedestal for the cake to sit on out of Lego Duplos. Around the edges of the cake were some Lego Fondant Bricks. The trophy was actually from a Lego Race Car Set.

The birthday boy sat on his throne to open presents. He received lots of LEGOs as well as gift cards to buy more LEGOs with...and many other nice gifts!

No party is complete without a treat bag to say thank you. I found a cute download for a LEGO Minifigure box. Inside the box was a 4 pack of LEGO soap, and a 4 pack of LEGO crayons....I made both of these (and the gummies above) using a LEGO mold. (We also had LEGO soap at each sink.) The kids were also given a paper bag with a little candy in it and they were able to put the cars that they built in the bag to take home with them.

It was a fun party! I cannot wait to begin planning the next party, but I am glad it isn't until November so that I can take a little rest!


  1. great party. how did you make the LEGO Minifigure Head marshmallow pops?

  2. Thanks Kevin, They are very easy. You need large (normal size...not those new giant ones that they came out with) marshmallows, small marshmallows, sucker sticks, yellow candy melts, and black food marker (Wilton makes some) or black icing.
    1. Melt yellow candy melts following the package directions. Be sure not to over heat as it will make the mixture too thick.
    2. Place a large Marshmallow on a sucker stick followed by a small marshmallow.
    3. Dip Marshmallow on the stick into the candy coating and turn until is is completely covered. Tap it gently on the side of the bowl to remove excess candy coating also helps to twist it slowly to remove the excess.
    4. PLace the stick into a piece of styrofoam (or any other material that will hold them upright) to dry.
    5. Use Food Markers and draw your faces...I had a little trouble with the food markers not being very dark and ended up using black icing instead.


  3. I love your ideas! I'm curious how you did the car favors. I may be borrowing a few of your ideas for my son's birthday next month!


  4. I bought the wheels and some base plates from can't remember exactly what size the base was, as it has been a couple of years now. Then I bought some lego brick assortments and the kids got to build their own cars. They could change them as many times as they wanted and there wasn't a limit to how many legos they could use.

  5. Where did you get the download for the mini figure boxes. love them and cant find?

    Thanks! :)

  6. You are super mom!My son would of loved our party! This is what inspired us to open our Lego Rental business in Austin.
    we love doing Lego parties!

  7. oh my gosh! This is AMAZING! You just inspired me as far as party favors go. I was going to do the marshmallow heads on a stick but now I love that party favor box and need more things to fill it with. So fun! =) Thanks!