Friday, July 27, 2012

Hart Family Olympics--Murray 2012

Since we began homeschooling last year, I have tried to pull events from life into our curriculum as much as possible.  So, as the Olympics approach, I decided that we would do a unit on the Olympics.  We have spent this week talking about Olympic History, the Modern Olympics, the events that are going to be in London, the number of countries represented, etc.  I also wanted us to do a few fun activities associated with the Olympics and thus the idea for the Hart Family Olympics was born. 

I made us a torch out of a paper towel tube, a paper plate and tissue paper, so easy, and I thought it turned out cute! 

To kick of our Olympic Games, we started with an opening ceremony.  The boys each took a lap around the yard carrying our torch.  After they were finished it took its place atop the swing set where it remained through the Olympics.


Our first event was the Javelin Throw...using pool noodles.  
Everyone was given 3 throws to see who could throw it the farthest.  
To keep it fair, it was kid vs. kid and it was Dad vs. Mom.

 Mom and Dad didn't participate in all the events, but we took our turn at Javelin...
and guess what?  


Up next was the Shot Put...with water balloons. 

Little Miss had her turn!



The Discus Throw was next.  
Our Discus wouldn't have met the weight requirements being used in London, 
but Frisbee throwing is a lot of fun! 

Since it was miserably hot, we tried to keep the running events to a minimum, but what would the Olympics be without running...especially in the eyes of a former track running Mom.  This was our version of Hurdles...pool noodles stretched across the yard.  They had to run down and back and the fastest time won.   





Then by adding a stick horse, we had a Steeple Chase

His horse was named "Lightening"

And this horse is "Thunder"...yes it is the same horse, but different rider, means different name.

And she gave hers a very original name "Neigh"!

Our final event of the day was Archery, using a water sling shot and inner tube....
Dad's face became the target :)




And since no Olympics is complete without the Closing Ceremonies, we had our gold medals and Olive Wreath Crowns to be awarded to all the winners!  



It was a fun day and the boys are looking forward to watching the Olympics, but also to finishing our unit on the Olympics. 

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  1. Looks like a fun time! Excellent way to broaden your chikdren's learning. I found you from over at facebook's CofC Homeschoolers.
    Glad to meet you.