Friday, February 8, 2013

Countdown to Disney World--30 days

Last time we went to Disney World, we did different activities everyday to help us countdown the last 30 days....we had so much fun, that we decided it had to be a new tradition.  I wanted to share our activities that we did as we prepared for our trip.

30 Days to go...Make a paper chain countdown 
I cut strips of Red, Yellow, Black and White card stock.  I wanted to give it a Mickey feel, so I added black circle to the black cardstock to resemble Mickey ears.  Add white dots to the red to look like buttons on Mickey's pants and repeated the pattern.  Inside each ring is a label with the activity for the day.

We also gathered up most of our Disney Characters and let them line the hearth...which didn't last long because my 3 year old wanted to play with them all and SHE DID NOT want them to stay there....they needed to be in her room :)  She is a Disney ADDICT at 3!

29 Days to Go:
Watch Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade on YouTube.

28 Days to go:
Tangled Themed Dinner and Movie



27 Days to go:
Make MIckey Cookies...these were a holiday special cookie made by Pilsbury.

26 Days to go:
Play Hidden Mickeys around the house.  I used paint chips from Home depot and we hid them all over the house.  The kids loved it so much that they wanted to hide them over and over again.

25 Days to go:
Watch Mary Poppins

24 Days to go:
Eat Mickey Pancakes for Dinner (and castles too)

23 Days to go:
Watch Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it Parade on YouTube

22 Days to go:
Watch Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular on YouTube

21 Days to go:
Write a letter to a Disney villain

20 Days to go:
Write a letter to your favorite character

19 Days to go:
Watch Illuminations on YouTube

18 Days to go:
Never too old for Disney Movie Night at Emeritus Retirement Home
We watched Tangled!

17 Days to go:
Toy Story Movie Night, complete with Pizza Planet Pizza and Alien Cupcakes


16 Days to go:
Decorate Pillowcases for the trip

 15 Days to go:
Watch Spectromagic Parade on YouTube

 14 Days to go:
Watch Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade

13 Days to go:
Play Toy Story Mania on the Wii

12 Days to go:
Mickey Ice Cream

11 Days to go:
Watch Tinker Bell

10 Days to go:
Make Candy Necklaces for the trip


9 Days to go:
Watch Monsters Inc Laugh Floor on YouTube

8 Days to go:
Play Disney Memory

7 Days to go:
Eat on Disney Plater at Lunchtime for the next week

6 Days to go:
Watch Cars 2

5 Days to go:
Watch Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on YouTube

4 Days to go:
Favorite Disney Movies Marathon Weekend

3 Days to go:
Play Disney Headbanz

2 Days to go:
Make Tissue Paper Mickeys and eat a special Mickey Dessert

1 Days to go:

Listen to Disney Music All Day Long


We had a lot of fun counting down the days to our trip....what fun things do you do to prepare for your Disney Trips?

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