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Planning for your Disney Vacation Series---6 months or More

Have you decided that you want to take a Disney World or Disneyland vacation?  If so, then most likely you are overwhelmed with all the choices, options, opinions, planning, and all the tiny details.  It is my hope that with this series of blog posts, I will be able to answer some of your questions.  

My first word of advice....don't try to do it yourself.  Before I became a Vacation Planner, I used a Vacation Planner when planning my trips....Contact me and we will work through the planning stages.  Using me as you agent does NOT mean that you give up means you have help to make sure that you choose the right options for your family, that you save as much money as possible, and that your vacation is as MAGICAL as you dream it will be!  I take everything you want and help you form a plan.  When I begin working with a family on planning their  Disney World (this blog will be geared more towards Disney World) or Disneyland vacation the first thing that you need to decide is

When will you be traveling?

So how do you choose the time of year to go?  Most likely you will have to work around some family schedules (sports, school, or work), but if you are pretty flexible, you can time your vacation to catch some extra MAGICAL events, holidays, best deals or lower crowds.  

Once you know when then we can begin the planning process!  With Disney it is usually best to plan in advance...don't panic if you are a last minute planner, this vacation can still happen...but planning in advance can help relieve some anxiety.  

After choosing your date.... you need to decide if you are going to do all the planning yourself or let someone like me (a vacation planner, specializing in Disney vacations) help you.  Disney travel planners don’t cost you a penny more and I can make sure that we find the BEST DEAL out there, taking the stress off you.  Not sure if a vacation planner is right for you?  Check out this blog I wrote or contact me for a quote If it is FREE, why not let someone else take the stress of your vacation planning away?

These initial decisions will get the vacation planning rolling.  So what else needs to be planned?   

Lets start planning: 6 months or more1) Decide on a budget for your vacation!
     It is always a good idea to have an idea of how much money you are wanting to spend on your vacation.  It is easy to keep adding and adding...if you have a budget set, it will help you set your limit.

2) Book your Room, Tickets, Dining Package

    Based on the budget that you set, you will be able to decide which level of Disney resort that you want to stay at.  Disney resorts are broken into different levels...Value, Moderate, or Deluxe.  You also need to decide how many days that you plan on spending in the parks.  With Disney ticket prices get a lot cheaper after the first 3 or 4 days, so sometimes a longer vacation isn't as expensive as you would think.  There are other options for your tickets as well.  This blog on Park Ticket Options will help explain those choices.  Next you need to decide on the dining plan.  Should you do the Disney Dining Plan? It is true that not everyone needs the dining plan.  It really depends on where your family is.  Our family has young children, so we LOVE the character meals.  Those can get pricey!  We have run the figures and we feel it is the best option for our family right now, but as they get older we may not want to do it on every trip. When getting you a quote, I am able to give you prices with and without the dining plan so that you can see the difference in pricing.  

3) Book your Dining Reservations (ADR’s)

     Walt Disney World allows you to book your ADR's 180 days in advance.  With the growing popularity of the dining plan, that is very important.  It can be close to impossible to go to Walt Disney World, walk up to a restaurant and get a table without a reservation.  This is especially true of the character meals.  For a list of dining options, you might want to check out the Disney Food Blog for menus and pricing.  You do need to remember that if you decide to change-- you have to cancel the reservation or Disney will charge you. You can make these reservations yourself, but I can do them to take the work off of you.  

4) Do you have a Princess, Prince, or Pirate who wants a make-over?
     Walt Disney World also allows you to book a reservation for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Pirates League or any of their special events and tours 180 days in advance.  These all fill up quickly and can be impossible to get, so PLAN ahead if at all possible!

Be sure to check back to see the other planning tips for each month as your vacation approaches!  This series is focusing on Walt Disney World, but many of the tips could be applied to other Disney Destinations.  I am hoping to do other series on the other destinations in the future.

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