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Planning for your Disney Vacation Series---2 to 3 months

This is part 4 of my series "Planning for your Disney Vacation".  Be sure to check out Part 1- 6 months or more Part 2- 4 to 5 Months, and part 3- 3 to 4 months. This series is focusing on Walt Disney World, but many of the tips could be applied to other Disney Destinations.  I am hoping to do other series on the other destinations in the future.  I found these fun images on Walt Disney World Facebook page and thought that they were perfect for counting down (they start with 4 months up until the day you leave)....check them out here and use them on your facebook page too!

2 to 3 Months until your Disney Vacation

1) Now is a great time to get a little more detailed in your planning.  Look at the different park shows, parades, fireworks, etc.  Decide which ones your family would like to see.  f you are unsure, this is a FREE service I offer my clients.  I will help you create a customized plan that will work for you and includes everything that you must see and do!  I can even help you add your plan to My Disney Experience

2)Make a list of things that you need to purchase and start shopping for deals to save yourself some money.
  • Autograph Books--will you be collecting autographs from characters?  What will you use?  Will you be making one or buying one?  You can find some really cute ones on Etsy.  If you are going to be ordering something custom made, make sure you check on delivery time before checking out! You can also find a lot of cute DIY autograph books on Pinterest.  I have some posted on my boards and will be adding more as I find them.
  • Fast Pass Pouches or Lanyards--when you get those fast passes you need somewhere safe to hold them.  A lot of people choose to use lanyards with pouches on the ends.  You can find a few on my favorite shopping site Etsy and some more on Ebay...these can also be purchased in the parks, but you might pay a little (or a lot) more.
  • One Hour Gifts--our family usually drives to WDW and it takes us 13 hours.  That is a long trip for 3 kids.  So we do one hour gifts when we drive.  I find little disney trinkets at the various dollar stores (General, Tree, Freds, etc), wrap them in a little package,  When we start our trip, I set a timer for one hour.  Every time the timer goes off they get to open up a gift.  They can lose a gift if they do not act appropriately in the car or if they fight with each other.  So far we have not had to take any away, but they know it is an option.  Some people do similar Tinkerbell gifts....leaving a treat from Tinkerbell for their kids to find each morning or evening...if they have been good.  We have also found that these little treats can help cut down on the purchases inside the parks. 
  • Travel Snacks--do you need snacks for the trip?
  • Park Snacks--will you be taking some snacks into the parks with you?
  • Bag for the parks--What items will you need to take into the parks?  How big of a bag will you need?  If you don't have one you might start looking for one.
  • Shoes--you will need comfortable shoes (and many people prefer more than one pair).
  • Ponchos-- Florida is known for pop up showers.  If you have ever been at WDW when it starts to rain, you can bet the counters in every store will be covered with ponchos for sale.  These are not cheap, around $20 each.  We always take the cheap thin ponchos (2/$1 at Dollar General) and carry them in our backpacks all week.  We also have some heavier ones, that we take to Orlando with us, but leave them in the hotel unless it is supposed to rain ALL day...then we pull out the heavy ones.  The cheap ones are nice to have on hand because as soon as the shower is over you can throw it in the nearest garbage can.
  • Lanyards and Pins--If you plan on pin trading, sometimes you can catch discounted pins at the Disney Store.  Since you are going to trade the pins, it does not really matter what they look like.  They DO need to be official Disney pins in order for a Cast Member to trade with you.
  • Journal--I like to keep a journal of our information and to jot down things I want to remember.  Some people take little journals and let their kids write their memories in them while they are waiting on their food or on the bus ride.  

Be sure to check back to see the other planning tips of things to do as your vacation approaches!  

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  1. Planning your itinerary beforehand can certainly help save time and money when you actually head out on your Disney vacation. While maybe not keeping an exact timeframe on different attractions, it can also help if your company knows what rides or attractions you’ll go to next in case someone gets separated, lost, or plans to check another area first.