Sunday, September 8, 2013

Counting down to Disney

My family obviously loves Disney.  The thought of our upcoming trips to Disney turns everyone in our  house into kids. We get giddy with excitement and we begin discussing everything that we MUST DO while we are there.  Before every trip I try to make it as fun as possible and come up with some fun activities.  (You can read that blog post 30 Days to Disney Countdown Activities.)  We start months in advance counting down.  

The VERY first thing we do is set the  Days to Go WDW app on our phones as soon as we make our reservations.  This gives us a daily reminder of how much longer we have to wait.

Somewhere between 1 and 3 months from our vacation we like to make a countdown to display in out house.

One countdown that I made was this large poster.  I had it printed at Walgreens and then put it inside a poster frame. We then hung it on the wall in our family room.  This could be done three ways... you could simply use a dry erase marker and mark off the days.  You could punch out some plain circles to cover each day as you count down. 
Or, i chose to find various character on the internet and then print them out in 2" circles.  I then punched them and we covered our days with different characters.  I did 3 colored backgrounds, because I have 3 kids.  We followed a pattern and then they could tell whose turn it was to apply the countdown for that day. 

Another one we made was a chain countdown.  The chain pieces each had an activity on the back.  Sometimes it was something simple like listen to Disney music and other times it was an activity or game.  We hung it up in our family room and then we took the characters we made for windows decorations and hung them across our mantle.  I attempted to get all of our Disney toys on the hearth (yes we have WAY TOO MANY) but my daughter wanted her toys back in her room.

And still another one I made.  I took an old chore chart and painted it black.  Then we took the tags from the chore chart and wrote numbers 0-9 on each set.  This will allow us to count down for over two years if we choose....which we DO NOT.  We started at 99 with this one.  

Now to some of my favorites that I have found on the web.  There are so many great ones and some are even free printables.

has this cute printable by Britt-ish Designs. 
 I am a big digital scrapbooker and I LOVE  Britt-ish designs.

Here is a great tutorial by Fiddle Dee Me on how to make this cute countdown.

Molding Minds Homeschool used the paint chips from Home Depot to turn their refrigerator into their Disney countdown.

It can even be as simple as taking a normal calendar...adding some mickeys 
AND VIOLA it is a countdown!

And if you are not feeling crafty...check out Etsy.  There are so many cute ideas to purchase.

That is something I have enjoyed sharing with my clients.  Ever since I became a travel agent and started helping people plan their Disney vacations, my favorite thing is to hear how they are counting down.  I love when they send me pictures of a countdown that they made, a special activity that they did, or something that they found online.  I truly love my job and my favorite part of my job is helping you add some magic to your upcoming trip.  If you are wanting to plan a trip to any Disney Destination, please contact me and let me help you sprinkle some of that Pixie Dust Magic on your plans.    Please share with me what you do to get your family excited about their upcoming Disney trip.  
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