Monday, September 9, 2013

Up Themed Movie Night

Before our last trip to Walt Disney World, I did monthly Family Movie themed dinners.  My family loved them and have anxiously been awaiting the next one.  Well, here we are only 3 months away from our December tonight we had our first movie night.  The theme?  UP!  The decorations were cheap and easy....balloons, Balloons, and MORE BALLOONS!

I also found these ADORABLE (yet tedious to assemble) 3D Character on  They have some really cute printables for UP.

We cannot have a movie night without Movie tickets.

I also printed the "My Adventure Book" and UP bookmarks from
Our table was set with Polka Dot paper plates and chevron napkins wrapped around the fork and tied with twine.  Our glasses were Mason jar cups.

Our Menu for tonight was centered around the Wilderness Explorer so we had:

Dug's Squirrel-dogs (aka Hotdogs)
Carl's Chips
Widerness Explorer Trail Mix
Kevin's Chocolate S'mores

I put all the food in tin pans for a more rustic feel. 

I used a tin muffin pan for each of the kids to assemble their own trail mix.  

Did I mention with UP you use A LOT of Balloons...I had them thrown all over the floor of the kitchen.

The final touch was a little "Adventure Awaits" banner I designed and printed on index cards.  I hung it over the window.

 Little Miss got to "help" me get things ready while the boys were gone to Tae Kwon Do.  We surprised the with it when they came home.  They were very excited!

Be sure to check out my previous dinners and check back next month to see which one we do next.  

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