Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We go to Disney World every I need to use a vacation planner?

YES...everyone can benefit from using a vacation planner.  Believe me, I know how much knowledge that you gain on each and every Disney World vacation.  There is definitely something to be said about experience.  "I go all the time, so I know what I am doing!"  This statement holds a lot of truth.  However, there are many reasons why even a Disney World Pro should still use a vacation planner. Just because you use a vacation planner does not mean that you give up all the planning and control of your vacation.  I work with people who want me to do it all....and people who want to do the bulk of the planning themselves.  Either way is fine.  

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The biggest reason that you should use a vacation planner who specializes in Disney vacations is because it is FREE!!!  You have someone who can help you make that magical vacation as perfect as possible and it does not cost you a penny more!  FREE!

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If you are a person who does not know a lot about Disney World, then you have A LOT of questions!  Where should we stay?  Where should we eat?  When is the best time of year to go?  What extra events are taking place during our visit?  What is the transportation system like?   The list can go on and on.  Even someone who goes every year still runs across questions that they have.  As a vacation planner trained by Disney, I am kept informed of news and changes.  While you can research to find the answer yourself, you can save time by asking me and making sure that you have the correct information.  There are a lot of message boards and blogs out there written by very knowledgeable people, but I have on more than one occasion seen inaccurate information floating around cyberspace.  Asking someone who is trained by Disney is the safest way to make sure that your answer is correct.  If I don't know the answer, I will go to the correct source to find out.

Dining Reservations
I will make your dining reservations for you!  Disney lets you make dining reservations 180 days in advance.  I get up early on the morning of your Advance Dining Reservations and I am on the phone trying to secure your preferred reservations.  First time people usually need some help planning out their meals...Pros usually hand me the list and say, "this is what we want."  I am happy to plan your meals out for you, but if that is something you enjoy planning, then you still have that control, you just save yourself some time by not waiting on hold to make the reservations.

Another perk to using a vacation planner, is that I watch for specials and I know when they will come out. I am up when the phone lines open calling in to apply any specials that might save you money.  If you book straight through Disney, you can get the special, but they make you call in to adjust the price, they DO NOT automatically apply it for you.  When a special is released there are a limited number of rooms at each resort that are available to get that special, so calling in early is the best way to try to get that special rate.  The rooms can go fast and sometimes by the next day certain resorts are sold out!

Itinerary Planning
When you get ready to start planning your days in the parks, I have access to crowd predictors and am able to help you plan each day.  Some people want to hit every attraction in every park, some want to see every character, and others want to leisurely stroll while hitting the hi-lights.   I can help you with a simple itinerary or a complex itinerary....which ever one you want.

As a vacation planner, I am trained by DISNEY to make sure that your vacation is MAGICAL.  Disney wants you to love every minute of your trip so that you will have wonderful memories of your own trip, so that you will come back, and so that you will recommend it to others.  For these very same reasons I want to help you plan your that you will have wonderful memories of your own trip, so that you will come back to me for help, and so that you will recommend my services to others.  First timers to pros...I can HELP you create a MAGICAL VACATION to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Book your next trip to any Disney Destination with me

My promise to you is to make your vacation as MAGICAL as possible for you and your family by planning your entire trip.  My personalized planning services will help you save time and money, plus get all of your questions answered--resulting in a better vacation experience for you!  You benefit from my expertise in Disney Destinations!  Best of all, when you book your trip with me, ALL of these planning services are FREE!!  Contact me today to book your trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruiseline, Aulani, or Adventures by Disney and take advantage of my FREE planning services!

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