Saturday, March 22, 2014

FREEBIE FRIDAY Disney World Packing List

I have decided to start something new FREEBIE FRIDAYS!!  So, yes I realize it is Saturday, but the idea just came to me today, so next week I will work harder for it to appear on Friday, but the result is the same...

YOU GET Freebies!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am one of the most organized people ever.  Everything has its place and I like for everything to be in its place...then I got married and had kids and staying organized became a little more challenging.  That doesn't keep me from trying to stay organized though.  As a mommy to 3 kids sometimes packing for a trip can be daunting...especially a trip to Disney World.  My boys are getting old enough that they do not want to dress alike at all...but they will humor me at Disney World if we are all coordinating.  Recently I changed the way that I pack for make packing, getting dressed in the mornings, etc easier, I began packing each days outfit into a large gallon size ziplock bag.  Then, I taped one of these labels onto each bag (different character for each family member) labeled it with the date, park for the day and listed the items that needed to go into the bag.  These labels came in handy for my boys to help me pack their things.  I will usually add the shirt to the bag (because as I said before I like us to coordinate some days), they can then grab a bag and make sure that it has shorts, undies, and socks inside. 
These bags with adorable labels help me in so many ways....
1) They help me visualize before we leave home what everyone is going to wear each day.
2) They allow me to enlist the help of my family in the packing endeavor
3) They make getting dressed each morning a breeze.
4) They are just cute!!

Download these FREE labels (without my watermark) here

Can you think of other ways to use these labels?  I would love to hear your ideas...just comment below!
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