Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Bug's Life Family Movie Night (with a Freebie)

We have begun our countdown until our next Disney World vacation.  Tonight marks 2 months until our next visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, so we kicked off our countdown with A Bug's Life family movie night.  I found several ideas online and then tweaked them to fit out needs.

I had a special little helper today as I was getting everything prepared for the special dinner.  She LOVES to do anything crafty, so she was sa big help!

The Table Decorations

Bug decorations are relatively easy to come by.  I found a couple of cheap, vinyl, red checked tablecloths at Fred's.

I also found a large dragonfly and a large grasshopper at Fred's.  I was looking for a bag of bugs and that was a little tougher to find...I looked at Fred's, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and then I finally found some at Wal-Mart in the party favor section.

Our movie tickets for the night.

Wal-Mart had these adorable watermelon plates and napkins.  I thought they were perfect.  

Wal-Mart also had these ladybug straws.  I had bought the plastic mason jar glasses last year and I just put them away and pull them out when they are fitting for a meal. 

Our Menu

I wanted the food to theme around bugs and the movie, A Bug's Life.  Some movies are easier than others to come up with catchy names for the food.  This was an easier one.

Poo-Poo Platter Meatloaf

I know that is a gross name, but if you have seen the movie then you will know that when Flik is in Bug City, he goes into Bennett's and the offer a Poo-Poo Platter, so the name really does fit.

Ant Hill Potatoes

My kids do NOT like raisins, so they were strictly for visual effect.   The raisins were immediately removed and replaced with gravy.

Offering Stone Salad

In the movie the ants are gathering food for the grasshoppers and they have to take the food to the Offering Stone.  (This was my favorite touch to the meal )

Caterpillars and Ladybugs

Who knew that grapes and Strawberries could turn into bugs with just a little creativity and icing.

Walking Sticks

Caterpillar Rolls

I bought some of the frozen dough and place three together on a cookie sheet and let them rise.  I had intended to let the dough thaw a little and then cut the dough balls in half to make smaller caterpillars, but I forgot until it was too late to do it.

Bug Juice

I could not find the Bug Juice brand juice, so I bought the bottles and made my own labels.

Dirt Dessert

Dirt dessert is the perfect ending to our buggy meal.

Honorary Bugs

My 12 year old was sweet enough to humor his sister and wear the bug headband she helped me make.

This little bug is a mess and was pretending to have pinchers....never a dull moment with this one!

I mentioned a tickets for your own Family Movie Night.

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