Monday, April 26, 2010

More Family Pictures

Family portraits

I have been playing around with pictures taking since before Jaycee was born and I have taken all of her baby portraits so far. However, it is a little difficult to take a family picture when you don't have a good location to take one. I have been wanting to have some family pictures taken ever since Jaycee was born. So we decided to schedule an appointment to have some taken. Here are the results.

Jaycee's 3 month pictures

So these are a month late being posted, but here are the pictures I took of Jaycee at 3 months. The purple dress was her Easter dress that I made for her. My favorite picture I have ever taken of her is the one with all the flowers around her.


Our family will be moving in 6 short weeks from Cookeville, to Murray, KY. Jason is going to be preaching at the Glendale Rd Church of Christ in Murray. Moving can be so stressful, but we are taking it in stride. I have begun going through cabinets and closets to get rid of the things that we do not want to did we accumulate so much JUNK!!!! We have found a house in Murray. It is a 27-28 year old, split level house. We are so excited to get moved in and begin making some minor improvements to it. Here are a few pictures of the house that will be ours in about 4 weeks