Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Baby Girl is growing up....MUCH TOO FAST!!!

Jaycee is almost 21 months old and I cannot believe how fast she is changing and growing.  
Can you believe that she has changed this much in only 12 months?!?!?

She is full of personality, opinions, stubbornness, attitude, sweetness, love, kisses, smiles, hugs, giggles, and so many more things.  I wouldn't change anything about her...because to me she is PERFECT (except when she screams at her brothers... and if you go to GRCOC, 
then you know the scream that I am talking about )

A couple of months ago, I started working on her "big girl" room.  When both of my boys were about this age, I made them quilts and all the things for their rooms.  So of course, I wanted to do the same thing for her.  I decided that I wanted to do a brightly colored quilt and use Owls as accents.  I FINALLY finished her quilt today and wanted to share the outcome of her "big girl" room.  Luckily this is on the computer so that you cannot see the tear stains from her very sad mommy.  I had a very hard time laying her down in her bed tonight....mommy isn't ready for her to grow up and move on to this next phase...but it has to happen sometime!

 This bookcase was made by my daddy when I was in college.  A few years ago Jason added the molding to the top and bottom.  Then a few weeks ago, he painted it white so that it would match the rest of the furniture in the room.

We found this dresser and Jason pained it and changed out the handles and it looks so cute in her room.  The owl lamp adds the perfect amount of light as a night light.  

The rocking chair was mine when I was little.  It needed a little paint and it is as good as new.

I love the vinyl words that are quite popular right now and I couldn't resist this one when I saw it on Etsy...

Now to the things that I made for her room...starting with of course....THE QUILT...did I mention how happy I am to finally be finished with it?  lol   I take pictures of everything and Jason likes to tease me and tell me it's only about the picture...
well who could resist this sweet smile when I sat her on top of her completed quilt.


 It is a traditional Log Cabin pattern, and I LOVE how it turned out. 

A close up of the bed frame, which if I understood correctly was Jason's great grandmother's iron bed.  We had it spray painted and it is beautiful....  I made the bedskirt with the stripe fabric...I love how it brings out the stripes in the quilt.

No bed is complete without an insane amount of pillows...right?  I hadn't planned on all of these going on the bed.  Jason is going to make a window seat and I plan on some of them going on it too, but Jaycee insisted that they all go on there as she was helping me make the bed. I made all of them except for the two round ones...yes I even made the OWLS...I was so very proud of my little owls...they were a lot of fun to make and I had to literally make myself stop...or she would've had an entire parliament (I googled to see what a group of owls was called)


I had a little help with this pillow.  My friend Hannah has a business doing ribbon applique on t-shirts, so I made the pillow sham and had her applique the ribbon owl on it for me.  Once I got it back, I added the eyes and beak.  Check out her facebook page...Peapod Designs and tell her I sent you :0)

 The ribbon frame to hold her bows was a must have...only it isn't big enough for all of our bows...I might have an addiction to bows, I think she needs one for EVERY outfit. 

If you haven't discovered Pinterest...I would suggest checking it out, but be advised that it is very addicting and you will find yourself losing hours of time without even noticing.  This is an idea I saw on there and decide we had to have a ribbon wreath on her door.

The sheer curtains I bought but I made the valance .

The finishing touch to the room was 3 Wall-Art designs that I did with owls and are available in my Etsy Shop  The two smaller ones are 10x13 and the large one is a 16x20 print.  I created digital "paper" to match the quilt fabric and then used that design on the owls.  The large one in the middle has the Wise Old Owl Poem on it.  

"A wise old owl sat in an oak,
the more he heard, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, the more he heard,
Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?"

Another idea that I saw on Pinterest...I painted the picture and then used Jaycee's handprints on the wings...A sweet keepsake for when she made the transition to her "big girl" room.

My sweet angel...I sure do love this little girl!

 Bedtime came and of course she couldn't sleep in her "OWL" room without OWL PAJAMAS...
(I know I tend to go overboard on should come to a birthday party sometime)

 All tucked in and ready to go to sleep...not really,but she at least put her head down and pretended for the sake of a picture...after all it is ALL about the PICTURE!

  I love that I could make this quilt for Jaycee and make her room a special place for her.  I hope that it will be something she cherishes for years to come.  I am hanging up my quilt hoop and have vowed never to hand quilt another quilt....but who knows once the callouses wear off my fingers, I might feel a little different and decide to tackle another one in the future.